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Chartered Institution of Water and
Environmental Management (CIWEM)

106-109 Saffron Hill, London, EC1N 8QS  
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Working for the public benefit for a clean, green and sustainable world, CIWEM (The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management) is the only independent, chartered professional body and registered charity with an integrated approach to environmental, social and cultural issues.

  • Supports thousands of members worldwide
  • Powerful evidence-based lobbying force within the UK and abroad
  • Provides training and professional development opportunities
  • Provides a forum for debate through conferences, events and publications
  • Works with governments, international organisations, NGOs, creative organisations and faith groups for a holistic approach to environmental issues
  • Develops partnerships with like minded organisations across the world
  • Supplies independent advice to governments, academics, the media and the general public
  • Brings members from all over the world together under common policy issues
  • Directly inputs into European and UN policy developments
  • Promotes excellence in environmental management through an awards portfolio
  • The first chartered professional body to have its Environmental Management System (EMS) accredited to ISO14001 standard, demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement


CIWEM (Registered Charity no. 1043409 (England & Wales) and SC038212 (Scotland)) has a history of working in environmental management dating back to 1895. In the succeeding decades, engineers, scientists and other professionals came together to combine their expertise across a broad range of environmental disciplines. The present day Institution was formed in 1987 when the Institution of Public Health Engineers merged with the Institution of Water Engineers and Scientists and the Institute of Water Pollution Control to form the Institution of Water and Environmental Management.The Institution was granted a Royal Charter in 1995 and was proud to celebrate its centenary in the same year.

Aims and Objectives

CIWEM's aims and objectives are enshrined in our Royal Charter and are as follows:

(a) To advance the science and practice of water and environmental management for the public benefit.
(b) To promote education, training, study and research in the said science and practice for the public benefit and to publish the useful results of such research.
(c) To establish and maintain for the public benefit appropriate standards of competence and conduct on the part of members of the Institution.

where 'water and environmental management' means the application of engineering, scientific or management knowledge and expertise to the provision of works and services designed to further the beneficial management, conservation and improvement of the environment, in particular in relation to:

(a) environmental management systems;
(b) resource protection, development, use and conservation;
(c) integrated pollution control;
(d) public health, water and sanitation services;
(e) flood defence and land drainage; and associated recreation, amenity and conservation activities

CIWEM's Vision

As the leading professional body CIWEM sustains the excellence of the people who develop and protect our environment now and for future generations.

CIWEM's Mission

The Institution's Mission is to achieve substantial progress towards securing our Vision over the next five years. Each facet of our Vision will be secured through a broad range of activities and performance targets.

a) We will support all governments, agencies, industries and the wider community with the review and development of environmental policy and the goal of sustainable development.

b) We will develop and maintain educational, professional and continuing development standards consistent with the high qualities needed to achieve customer service and sustainable goals.

c) We will provide the opportunity for our members, employers and other stakeholders to demonstrate the quality of their endeavours.

d) Through Policy Position Statements, Information Sheets, publications, a magazine and journal, conference, events and meetings we will disseminate information and best practice essential to effective environmental management practice and stewardship.

e) We will always seek to provide high quality services to support our members, their employers and the communities they serve wherever in the world they are.

f) We will consult widely and act sensitively, encouraging others to join with us and so strengthen and sharpen the focus on the sustainable management of the global environment.

g) We will be an open organisation fostering the widest possible interest in, and understanding of environmental matters. In particular we will:

  • demonstrate leadership in environmental affairs;
  • seek to influence the national and international environmental agenda;
  • be of service to the wider environmental community;
  • develop our brand and corporate identity;
  • be more customer focussed and relevant to all stakeholders;
  • seek to achieve growth in membership from a wider environmental constituency;
  • be welcoming and attractive to existing and potential members;
  • seek to generate more income to support additional and better services;
  • use modern business techniques in the governance of the Institution and sustain a strong asset base;
  • establish and adhere to an Environmental Policy;
  • establish and adhere to an International Policy.

h) We will always seek to consult with members and represent their best interests.

Environmental Management System

CIWEM is running an environmental management system (EMS) to ensure that the environmental impacts of the Institution's activities are minimised, and that the positive contributions CIWEM makes to environmental management are maximised.  CIWEM's EMS will be developed over time to eventually cover all aspects of the Institution's activities.

CIWEM's Environmental Manual (including CIWEM's Environmental Policy) sets out how the EMS operates, see page documents.

CIWEM currently measures its performance against a set of Key Performance Indicators.  The latest version of the report is available in page documents.

Code of Ethics

CIWEM members are expected to comply with a code of ethics.



Chartered Institution of Water and
Environmental Management (CIWEM)

106-109 Saffron Hill, London, EC1N 8QS  
Tel: 020 7831 3110   Fax: 020 7405 4967